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August 17, 2004

Dear Earthguide visitors,

    Earthguide is an educational resource in Earth and Environmental science for both students and teachers. We are part of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) and affiliated with the Geological Research Division and the California Space Institute at SIO. Our web site is created by a dynamic team of undergraduate students at the University of California San Diego working with scientists and staff at SIO. The site that originally grew out of my concept for a new kind of classroom resource continues to grow, driven by community teaching needs and the creative ideas of everyone involved. The Earthguide guiding principle is still "good science that's easy to use and understand".

    Earthguide is our central website and holds project-specific modules and general information. Projects come-and-go, but specific projects are the primary source of our support. So Earthguide is the sum of projects. We have worked in the past with scientists from Scripps and several other research institutions to bring you the results of projects such as the expedition Descent to Mid-Atlantic Ridge. This year we are finishing work on Living with Coastal Change with the Coastal Morphology Group at Scripps. In addition, we're getting ready to launch a kiosk display for the ANZA Seismic Network at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps, and we're working on a new project with the Ocean Institute and SIO titled Sea Floor Science. These projects allow us to bring you a wide array of marine science subjects, ranging from earthquakes, plate tectonics, coastal erosion, marine life, climate, global change, to applied technologies. As time and projects go by, our Earthguide home is finally beginning to look more furnished!

    At the same time, we're continually working to make our resources easier to find - resources such as our favorite web links, images, and our growing collection of interactive learning tools. Right now, we're focusing on developing a truer version of our vision for "interactive learning tools." Look for the results to begin appearing in a year.

    Check out the resources for the Parker Outreach Program that we've added recently. These materials bring you insights directly from our primary science advisor, Dr. Wolf Berger. Besides being an expert oceanographer, Dr. Berger has been a tireless advocate for science outreach.

    Behind the scenes, we're continuing to bring together students, educators, scientists, and other community members to make quality educational materials available for you. See how our Earth and Environmental science materials can bring fresh and relevant learning to your students. Check back frequently because we are growing all the time.

Thanks for dropping by!

Memorie Yasuda
Earthguide manager
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD

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