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UpDemonstrations & Experiments
Lesson Plans and Activities for the Classroom
Includes activities related to - Our Solar System, Atmosphere and Weather, Geology, Oceans, Life and Geography, Sun and Spaceweather, Physics and Chemistry, Special Curriculum from NASA.
Windows to the Universe, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)
UpArts & Crafts
The Monkey Fist Knot
Not TOO difficult, but a great-looking knot! Can be used for keychains if you don't need to heave any lines at sea.
Roper's Knot Page
Folsom's Knotting Page
Introduction and clear instructions for basic knots, including a section for scouts.
Knots on the Web
General resource for knotting including a large collection of links.
Peter Suber, Earlham College
The KnotPlot Site
Knots from a mathematical perspective - includes link to modeling software.

UpPaper-folding (Origami)
Origami - Gallery
To inspire you, although there are no instructions. Check out the salmon and the nautilus!
Alex Barber
Dr. Stephen O'Hanlon's Origami Page
General resource with many instructional diagrams.
Stephen O'Hanlon
General resource with many instructional diagrams.
Alex Barber
Origami Sea Life
Reference to their book.
John Montroll and Robert J. Lang
UpThe Night Sky
Monthly Star Chart
Star Chart for San Antonio, Texas.
The SCOBEE PLANETARIUM at San Antonio College
Basics and monthly highlights of the night sky.
McDonald Observatory, The University of Texas at Austin
Find out when satellites will be passing overhead and look for them at night.
Locations around San Diego:
     UCSD Scripps Coastal Reserve
     Cabrillo Monument
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Pier Tide Predictions
Check out the tide charts for San Diego, California. Look for the lowest times during daylight hours.
UpPlants and Animals
Great Backyard Bird Count
Take part in reporting bird counts around the U.S.
Audubon and Cornell Lab of Ornithology
UpReporting From Your Locaation
Did you feel it?
Report on earthquakes near you!
"a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data."
UpReading Room
UpKids Classics
Story about the tidepool life of Pagoo the hermit crab.
by Holling C. Holling (Author), Lucille Webster Holling (Illustrator), 1957
UpGrownup Classics
Silent Spring
Sixties classic that warned the public about the long term environmental effects of misusing pesticides.
by Rachel Carson, 1962
Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time
Best-selling story of clockmaker John Harrison who invented a world-changing technology - a clock that kept time at sea - making it possible to know longitude and make accurate maps. The tale of a 40-year obsession with invention and an elusive financial prize.
by Dava Sobel, 1995
UpIn Need of Solutions
The Water Debate
Many articles discussing issues related to world water resources.
BBC News

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