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Water cycle

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Did you know -

  1. A nearly fixed amount of water circulates around the Earth.
  2. Water moves from one place (reservoir) to another by certain pathways.
  3. Some processes of transfer are rapid while others are very slow.
  4. A conceptual "reservoir" of water is not the same thing as a reservoir in which water is stored.
  5. When land-based glacial ice melts and runs off into the sea, sea level rises.
  6. When land-based glacial ice forms, sea level drops.
  7. When floating icebergs melt into the sea, sea level doesn't change.
  8. Very large icebergs originate from land-based glaciers that break off and fall into the sea, they don't generally form in the ocean.
  9. Glacial ice is made up of freshwater that mostly falls as snow.
  10. Evaporation of seawater requires an input of energy, while the converse condensation of clouds releases energy.

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