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Layers of the Earth

Questions for thought

B - Basic, I - Intermediate, A - Advanced
  1. What is the difference between a layer based on composition vs. response to stress?    B
  2. In the context of rocks, what does "stress" refer to? [What is the meaning of the word context?]    I
  3. Which layer is a subset of the other - crust or lithosphere?    B
  4. Which layer makes up a "lithospheric plate" - crust or lithosphere?    B
  5. How does the composition of rock change across the lithosphere/asthenosphere boundary?    B
  6. Is the mantle molten?    B
  7. Does lava that appears at the Earth's surface originate in the molten outer core?    I
  8. How long have the Earth's layers existed?    A
  9. Was the interior of the early Earth more or less homogenous than it is today?    A


  1. Other references may refer to the layers recognized on the basis of response to stress as "mechanical layers."
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