To the teacher ...

At Earthguide, we build websites that let people experience firsthand the thrills and challenges of scientific expeditions around the globe. Our websites are designed for high school and college students studying basic or earth sciences. Ultimately, our web materials are intended to supplement and enrich standards-based curriculums. Throughout our materials, you will find clear linkages between actual research topics and course curriculum content. We strive to show students that the content of their academic work is pertinent to real life, in addition to providing a sense of exploration.

Due to short notice, we have not yet built all of the supporting educational components of a full educational product for this particular expedition - including a teacher's guide and inquiry-based exercises and activities. However, we wanted to take this unique opportunity to make this expedition immediately available to you - an exciting trip to the bottom of the Atlantic, aboard the research vessel Atlantis and the deep submersible Alvin.

Even though it's not the complete package, we hope that you'll still derive benefit from this material and that you'll return to use the fully-developed package in the future. Let me know if you'd like to see anything particular on the end product. Bon Voyage!

- Memorie Yasuda
Earthguide, production manager and editor