Dear Granny ...

What a delight it was to visit with such an esteemed representative from Hydrus.

We trust that you traveled safely back home to your serene and featureless planet.

As a reminder of our previous discussions, we summarize our proposal here.

As you know, our world lacks sufficient water for all the living things on our planet. Even though 3/4 of our planet is covered by seas, that water isn't fit to drink, although precious in it's own way to the climate of our planet and home to half of all life in our seas.

We propose that we develop trade between our worlds where we trade ecotours of our planet for fresh water from your world. Your planet is featureless and quite frankly dull. Ours is dynamic and strikingly beautiful. Your planet is full of fresh water and ours has so little that a fifth of our population doesn't have enough to drink or bath.

To get started, we invite you back with a delegation from your planet to produce travel brochures of the first 20 places where we'll offer ecotours.

Those places are:

We were thinking you could make a trifold brochure that could be placed in hotel lobbies on your planet. We'd like to see ...

Hope to see you for a return visit and hope you're enjoying the technology we sent along - the latitude/longitude coordinate system so Hydrusians aren't so lost all the time! And thanks for the tip about hyper lightspeed travel.

We'd be happy to provide free food and lodging for a delegation of 40 from your planet. Let us know when you'll be coming back.

The human delegation

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