The souvenirs are show-and-tell items to engage the students with hands-on materials that they may not have seen before.

Mineral (crystal) ideas

  1. Amethyst Pros - Easy to find, relevant
    Cons - Maybe too common
  2. Ulexite (tv rock) Pros - Fun, regional association
    Cons - Less common and to find a good one, it's best to pick it out in person, like at a local rock and mineral show
  3. Gypsum Pros - Inexpensive, relevant, can be linked to extraordinary find at the Naica Mine in Mexico
    Cons - Not that durable

Plant or animal ideas

  1. Mimosa (sensitive plant)
    Pros - It closes its leaves when touched
    Cons - Sometimes not easy to find, It takes time for the leaves to reopen, plant is not that big and can be easily damanged
  2. Pitcher plant or Venus Fly Trap Pros - Even if it doesn't do much to bugs very quickly, they are fun to look at
    Cons - Not active
  3. Cacao pod Pros - Relevant yet mysterious, source of chocolate
    Cons - Hard to get one although durable once you have one

Human artifact ideas

  1. Utilitarian objects Basket made of local Torrey Pine needles
    Cement stepping stone topped with Mexican beach pebbles
    Packing material made of shredded newspapers from China
  2. Part of a larger object and image of full object Shaped rock - part of headstone, Petra
    Piece of artwork - sand painting, mandala
    Yellow feature - part of the robe of Hawaiian royalty
  3. Food Dragonfruit
    Dried seaweed

Observe & Discuss:

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