The Ocean: 100 Years of Discovery
by Dr. Wolf Berger, Professor of Oceanography

A series of lectures in Powerpoint format.

Lecture 1 Exploring the Ocean Planet
A History of Discovery
Lecture 2 Life at the Edge of the Sea
The Birthplace of Marine Science
Lecture 3 Of Coral Reefs and Atolls
Tropical Forests of the Sea
Lecture 4 The Zen of the Beach
Musings on a River of Sand
Lecture 5 Meditations on the Gulf Stream
On a Warm Current Running North
Lecture 6 Sardines and the California Current
On a Cold Current Running South
Lecture 7 Meadows and Deserts of the Sea
On the Elusive Concept of Ocean Productivity
Lecture 8 Of Whales and Sharks and Giant Squids
Reflections on the Big, the Strange, and the Powerful
Lecture 9 The Deep, the Cold, the Dark
Life at the End of the Line
Lecture 10 Seeing in the Dark
A Sound Approach to Exploration
Lecture 11 Mountains, Trenches, Sunken Islands
The Great Revolution in Earth Science
Lecture 12 The Ocean's Memory of the Ice Ages
On the Endless Cycles of Climate Change
Lecture 13 Abyssal Memories
A Thousand Holes in the Bottom of the Sea
Lecture 14 Global Warming and the Ocean
Human Impacts on a Greenhouse Planet
Lecture 15 Epilog
The Challenges Ahead


© 2004 by Wolf Berger.
All rights reserved.