Earthguide is an educational outreach site created by a team of undergraduate interns from the University of California at San Diego, guided by the project manager Memorie Yasuda. The team members represent a diverse array of academic interests, ranging from visual arts to biology, environmental systems and computer science. The team members bring together their knowledge and skills in graphic arts, layout design, and programming in order to produce Earthguide.

Past Team Members

justin frymann
web coder, content research

wesley hsu
graphic artist

peren lopez
graphic artist

anna storelli
graphic artist

steven yuan
graphic artist

aaron barany

don bui
graphic artist

amanda chojnacki

oscar zisman
web coder

alex meilan

rachel basore
html programmer, summer 2005-2006

wesley bellanca
senior artist, winter 2000-spring 2002

tim bollman
programmer, fall 2004-

lauren campbell
project editor, fall 2000-winter 2002

paul collins
systems administrator, spring 2000-

jon gerard
volunteer, summer 2001

douglas hanes
senior editor, fall 2001-

aren hansen
informal, fall 1998-

alex hawkins
artist, spring 2002-fall 2002

tom joyce
html programmer, spring 2004-winter 2004

shibani kapoor
volunteer, summer 2001

kristina liu
programmer, fall 2000-spring 2002

stephanie liu
artist, fall 2003-summer 2004

phil lu
artist, spring 2004-2006

kevin manalang
artist, fall 2002-

antonio gutierrez michel
artist, spring 2001-

stefanie ness
senior editor, fall 1999-spring 2002

julie paige
volunteer, summer 2001

viktor passinsky
programmer, summer 2002-fall 2002

joe proto
html programmer, summer 2004-2005

george ruiz
informal, winter 2000 - winter 2001

bernard shih
programmer, winter 2003-

robert tsang
artist, summer 2005

nick zadrozny
programmer, spring 2002-fall 2002