Currently, CalSpace research projects are making great advances in the space sciences, earth sciences, aero-space technologies, and human exploration and development in space. This research can be extremely valuable in improving the quality of life on Earth as well as creating respect for and an understanding of the universe. However, this valuable research must be communicated to the public in an educational format in order for the public to appreciate its value. Below are links to CalSpace projects that are exposing students and teachers to our cutting edge research findings.

California Space Grant Consortium

In 1989, CalSpace initiated the creation of the CSGC to enhance space sciences, earth sciences, and engineering education in California and the nation by focusing its attention and resources on providing an effective link between the NASA Strategic Enterprises and the nation's science and technology goals and priorities. In addition to presenting CSGC research, this site also provides numerous educational interactive activities for the public of all ages who want to learn about earth and space sciences.

CalSpace Forum

CalSpace sponsors numerous world-class researchers and research projects. The newly formed CalSpace Forum is an educational outreach endeavor to provide the general public with accurate, cutting-edge details of these researcher's findings. Presentations are made available to the public through open forum talks which are translated into a web format organized to educate three levels: general lecture, quick facts, and teacher resources.

Birch Aquarium Teacher on Board

The Birch Aquarium at Scripps' Teacher on Board program allowed K-12 students to come on board (via the CalSpace designed web site) to be exposed to the personal observations of research activities during the intensive Field Research Phase of the Indian Ocean Experiment.


Visit the homepage of the program that enables middle-school students to take high-resolution photographs of the earth with a digital camera during certain space shuttle missions. There are opportunities to become a participating school and view images taken on previous missions.

Mars Projects

The Mars Now project is an update of Mars research materials for NASA Ames' Center for Mars Exploration, with a student designed Mars Museum and Mars Library. Also check out UCSD's Astrobiology Outreach program which includes interactive activities and a mini-encyclopedia on the Mars'Pathfinder Lander and Sojourner Rover. The Mars Team is currently working on a "Life in the Universe" site with the NSCORT/Exobiology and another Mars site with researchers on a Mars Organics Detector planned for Mars surface in 2005.

Torrey Pines Trail Map

San Diego's Torrey Pines State Reserve is 2000 acres of unspoiled beaches and land. The eight miles of trails in the park include sights of lagoons, plant life, and migrating birds. CalSpace Director, Wolf Berger, and the participants in his Landscapes of San Diego class have compiled a trail map to explain the plants and landscapes that visitors can expect to see while on the trails.

Lunar Mission

The CalSpace Engineering Team is currently working with Boeing on developing a follow-up mission to investigate the findings of NASA's 1998 Lunar Prospector mission which discovered the possibility of large quantities of water ice on both of the Moon's poles.