Global Change

 Global Warming
    1. - Great Experiment on Planet Earth
    2. - Kyoto & Its Implications
    3. - The Rise of CO2 & Warming
    4. - The Scientific Assessment
    5. - Controversy & Debate
    6. - Scientific Background
    7. - Predicting the Future
    8. - Predictions for California
    9. - About this Site
    10. - Sources of Information

 The Greenhouse Effect
 The Keeling Curve

GLOBAL WARMING: About this Site

The person responsible for the content of this site is W. H. Berger, Ph.D., Professor of Oceanography at UCSD, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Director of the California Space Institute, UC. Bergerís field of research is climate and ocean history on time scales of millions of years to centuries.

The site was created in response to a request by the Rotary Club, San Diego, through the good offices of Robert C. Coates, Judge of the Superior Court. The Rotary Club helped defray the cost of producting the site, in partnership with the California Space Institute. Jane Teranes, Ph.D., and Holger Michaelis assisted with production, as did a number of undergraduate students. The artwork was done by Julie Paige and Holger Michaelis.

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