Computer-based simulations

Still image from tsunami simulation showing megaripples moving across the entire North Pacific. Still image captured from simulated tsunami propogation animation.
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Image courtesy Tsunami Research Program, Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL), NOAA.

Simulation - December 26 Tsunami in Indian Ocean
Animation of simulated tsunami across the Indian Ocean.
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan

California Tsunami Models and Animations
What might happen if there were underwater landslides and/or earthquake offshore California? See the model results.
USC Tsunami Research Group

Modeling and Forecasting
Models of the North Pacific including animations.
Tsunami Research Program, Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL), NOAA

USC Tsunami Research Group
"A new USC study shows that tsunamis - triggered by earthquakes and underwater slides - could threaten Southern California’s coast."
By Bob Calverley, USC News

Descriptive Model of the July 17, 1998 Papua New Guinea Tsunami
Explains the reasons for this killer tsunami. Includes animations showing the results of model simulations.
Western Region Coastal & Marine Geology, U.S. Geological Survey


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