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Dr. Wolf Berger
Director, Parker Outreach Program
Professor of Oceanography, Geosciences Research Division, SIO

Ocean - The Basics
  • Ocean - The Basics
    Outline of an introductory course in Oceanography for middle school, high school and college, with material for complementing existing courses.

  • Poster: Why Whales Grew Baleen  [260 KB .pdf]
    Baleen whales possess comb-like structures on their upper jaws to strain food out of seawater. This poster summarizes the relationship between baleen whales, the development of ice and wind around Antarctica, and opening of the sea passage between the tip of South America and Antarctica called the "Drake Passage".

  • Feed Me! The Story of Penny the Penguin Chick   [881 KB .pdf]
    A story for young children (suggested grades K-3). This story introduces children to Penny and the animals she encounters as chick living amongst a colony of nesting penguins. The story was inspired by penguins that the author encountered on a trip in 2006 to Bransfield Strait, Antarctica. The story was written with the guidance and approval of the author's granddaughter, Brianna.

    Books will be sent for free to schools, as long as supplies are available. Only applies to English version. Specify the number wanted in an email to, and give a school address (e.g., the library there). Please do not ask for more than 6 books.

    Feed Me! The Story of Penny the Penguin Chick   [1,231 KB .pdf]
    In English and French.

    Feed Me! The Story of Penny the Penguin Chick   [883 KB .pdf]
    In English and German.

  • Life in the Antarctic   [7,876 KB .pdf]
    Background information for parents and teachers to accompany the children's book   Feed Me! The Story of Penny the Penguin Chick.

Virtual Museum
Materials that accompany distance learning courses by Dr. Wolf Berger. These materials were previously posted as part of CalSpace Distance Learning Courses.

  • The Ocean: One Hundred Years of Discovery
    A course for teachers about the interdependent systems of the ocean - covering plate tectonics, the nature of seawater, ocean circulation, and life in the sea; and the ocean's interaction with land, air and people. These lectures summarize the remarkable scientific knowledge we possess today, and survey the history of rapidly evolving discoveries, setting the scene as we head into this next century.

  • Got sand?
    All about sand. What is sand? What are the origins of different sands? What can sand tell us about our evolving landscape?

  • Parker Sand Trading Cards
    Shows you how to make your own sand cards to trade with collectors around the world.


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