Ocean - The Basics
  by Dr. Wolf Berger, Professor of Oceanography

  Outline of an introductory course in Oceanography for middle school,
  high school and college, with material for complementing existing courses.

Intro Coping with a sea of change  [.pdf - 450 KB]
Part 1 Discovering the ocean  [.pdf - 322 KB]
Of fish and ships and people
Part 2 A portrait of the ocean planet  [.pdf - 2,080 KB]
Elements of ocean literacy
Part 3 Life at the edge of a fertile sea  [.pdf - 2,473 KB]
The birthplace of marine science
Part 4 Of coral reefs and atolls  [.pdf - 2,103 KB]
Stone gardens of tropical seas
Part 5 The Zen of the beach  [.pdf - 2,735 KB]
Musings on a river of sand
Part 6 Unraveling the Gulf Stream puzzle  [.pdf - 1,666 KB]
On a warm current running north
Part 7 Sardines and the California Current  [.pdf - 1,451 KB]
On a cold current running south
Part 8 Meadows and deserts of the sea  [.pdf - 1,060 KB]
On the elusive concept of ocean productivity
Part 9 Of whales and sharks and giant squid  [.pdf - 1,606 KB]
The big, the strange and the powerful
Part 10 The deep, the cold, the dark  [.pdf - 1,143 KB]
Life at the end of the line
Part 11 Seeing in the dark  [.pdf - 1,787 KB]
A sound approach to exploration
Part 12 Mountains, trenches, sunken islands  [.pdf - 2,390 KB]
The great revolution in Earth science
Part 13 The oceanís memory of the ice ages  [.pdf - 2,131 KB]
The endless cycles of climate change
Part 14 Abyssal memories  [.pdf - 2,324 KB]
A thousand holes in the bottom of the sea
Part 15 Global warming and the ocean  [.pdf - 1,105 KB]
Human impact on a greenhouse planet
Epilog The great trends in exploration and the challenges ahead  [.pdf - 37 KB]
  Glossary  [.pdf - 115 KB]


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All rights reserved.

Updated: October 3, 2007